Hajj Writing Prompt For The Older “Kids”

Who has time? With lockdowns and kids at home, I’m sure we’re all going batty. I do admit I’m kind of enjoying rediscovering my love for homeschooling. I’ve had plenty of challenges being locked in with my big family but alhamdulillah spending more time with the kids isn’t one of them. For the first time… Continue reading Hajj Writing Prompt For The Older “Kids”

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Ramadan Pages for Tweens 2

Life is busy, especially under lockdown. I’m not sure how people suddenly have loads of time. Having your entire family at home can really increase everyones workload. Apparently I do have more time. Or I wouldn’t have been able to finish writing the next piece of the story. Please remember to send some feedback. I’m… Continue reading Ramadan Pages for Tweens 2

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A Woman’s Contentment or Resentment?

Sometimes I wish little things would satiate my soul and fill my heart with contentment. I wonder what it feels like to step back from a hot stove on a hot summers day, taste the lovely meal you spent 3 hours cooking and then feel joy and exhilaration. How do you excitedly anticipate the first… Continue reading A Woman’s Contentment or Resentment?

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Mama You’re a Screen Zombie

Eyes locked on the screen, mind glazed over, with a flick of the thumb, scrolling through screen after screen of information I’m sure I didn’t need, I was lost. Facebook and Instagram. I think I was just getting started with social media. I don’t think I could have handled anymore. So I deleted them. How… Continue reading Mama You’re a Screen Zombie