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A Woman’s Contentment or Resentment?

Sometimes I wish little things would satiate my soul and fill my heart with contentment. I wonder what it feels like to step back from a hot stove on a hot summers day, taste the lovely meal you spent 3 hours cooking and then feel joy and exhilaration. How do you excitedly anticipate the first… Continue reading A Woman’s Contentment or Resentment?

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Mama You’re a Screen Zombie

Eyes locked on the screen, mind glazed over, with a flick of the thumb, scrolling through screen after screen of information I’m sure I didn’t need, I was lost. Facebook and Instagram. I think I was just getting started with social media. I don’t think I could have handled anymore. So I deleted them. How… Continue reading Mama You’re a Screen Zombie


Advice For Mom’s Who Aren’t Ready For Ramadan

Ramadan is around the corner and I haven’t done a thing. No special cleanup, no organizing spree. I’ve been thinking about crafts and journals and all the other PDF files roaming through my social media accounts. I’m sure I’ve missed plenty. So I have no worship plan or dua list. My children know Ramadan is… Continue reading Advice For Mom’s Who Aren’t Ready For Ramadan

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Moms, Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Because I don’t usually have free time, I don’t know what to do, when I finally have some. Spending time using a basic vocabulary around children below the age of ten can generally diminish your ability to put together a cohesive line of thought, or maybe it’s far too early in the morning to get… Continue reading Moms, Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams