Hello world!

photo 2I’ve spent a good many years completely oblivious to the blogging community, so the welcome message that was put up as my first post was nice to see. I can’t help but appreciate a world where I can reach millions of people I don’t even know, with material that may not really be worth reading…….

Its just nice to have a voice. A voice that in my case is often drowned out by wailing babies! I don’t know who might read this, so I’m off to a random start, I’m simply going to say what is on my mind and see what happens, and see what other people have to say.

I wanted to start a blog because I’ve always loved to write out my thoughts, whatever they might be. Now as a mother of two, I have so much on my mind but not necessarily anyone who wants to hear it all. Who wants to hear the everyday woes of a mother? The diapers, the mealtime battles, the potty training, educational concerns, the messy house, the messy mama, the crayon marks on the monitor that just won’t go, the cheetos on the sofa, the acrylic paint in the hair, the bedtime screaming, the sleepless nights, the broken nails and the bad hairdos.  All moms go through it, and I’m sure all the veterans out there think, “honey, it’ll pass.”

I know, I know they’ll grow up and pretty soon I’ll miss their baby voices and their little feet, their wet kisses and their adoring hugs. I love having them. I love being their mom. Its just that sometimes you want to hear someone say, “It is hard, you’re going through a tough time, but you’re doing the best you can.” Just the acknowledgement that you’re doing something important and possibly difficult goes a long way to making you  feel better. I think being a mother is the most undermined and devalued job in the world. Especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom.

Taking care of a house and children full time can be challenging and stressful. “You can do it, you’re at home all day”, that is one phrase I really don’t like, to say the least. I love doing it, but if someone tells me its a piece of cake especially compared to my husband’s stressful 11 hour work day, well then I start wondering if my head is screwed on right. And that is when I start feeling incompetent. If it is so easy, then there must be something wrong with me.

The reason I want to say all this out loud is because I’m sure there are a lot of new mom’s out there, living with the same guilt and the feeling of shame that happens to drown us when we complain about our kids. I’m sure there are many really intelligent women that chose to stay at home when their peers are out there making it big. So when someone says you’re going nutty over nothing, the first thought that comes to mind is, “I’m pretty sure my job wasn’t so hard, or maybe I don’t remember it right.”

I am grateful to Allah to have the financial freedom to be at home with my kids. The freedom to choose to homeschool them and give them the best I can. But that does not mean that my task needs no effort. I need to remind myself and all of you other moms out there, you’re doing the work of several professionals all rolled into one. Educator, house cleaner, organizer, cook, chauffeur and more (I may not have names for the many things we do). And ofcourse hubby needs time too, :).

I just want to tell all those moms out there, especially those with small kids,

“Hang in there, you’re doing just fine, you are doing the most important job and one of the most demanding jobs in the world and you should know it”


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