Battling Steroid Induced Eczema

Raw skin, looks like a severe burn.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1Raw skin, looks like a severe burn.

Zainab’s neck is in really bad shape, this picture is from a few days ago. I’ve finally started bandaging her whole head because her ears have started oozing badly again. The swelling around her neck is scary. No one ever told me not to use the ts on her neck or her face or her eyelids or on open wounds. Even when you look it up it its written all over the place that you shouldn’t use ts on open wounds, but the doctors never told me. I’ve lost so much faith in the medical community. Our medicines ought to be more holistic. Twice a day, I listen to my daughter scream and writhe in agony while I clean her wounds and dress them. My heart goes out to all little children in pain and their families. Not just the ones suffering from topical steroid withdrawal, but those in pain due to illness and injury and war. May Allah (God) protect you all! Ameen!


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