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Time to wake up and do Something

I never realised the kind of effort it would take for me to do anything until now. So I want to do something besides cooking, cleaning, homeschooling and trying to be super nice to everyone or in other words being just a housewife or “housedaughter”. Housedaughter is not a word. If there ever was such a word then I would have been the definition of that word. Doing everything I am doing as a housewife in addition to waiting on my beloved parents and not having a loving husband. Add a bit of sadness  and a lot of “doing nothing for me” to spice things up on the individuality scale.

So now that I can actually do something, what do I do? Seven years out of college, with a undergrad degree in Computer Science that I don’t care much for and writing for English magazines that would have been at 8th grade level in an English speaking country, I feel incapable of doing anything.

I wonder if many muslim women in developed countries feel the same way. I wonder, if, with better opportunities and more support, would I have been different? How many young people with a dream of somehow having a significant effect on the workings of the world, actually end up doing anything more than whatever it is they are expected to in their socioeconomic situation?

So here’s a start.

My To Do list

  1. Homeschool my kids
  2. Give them better opportunities than I had
  3. Encourage their interests and talents and help them polish those.
  4. Be a great wife
  5. Maintain my health
  6. Get rid of my back ache
  7. Be a better daughter
  8. Maintain better family ties
  9. Feed my kids healthy food
  10. and now that I’ve listed my responsibilities
  11. Publish many well written children’s books and possibly illustrate them myself
  12. Go around the world and teach young muslims to be better parents
  13. Teach elderly muslim women how they can be more supportive of the next generation of young muslim women.
  14. Help new moms organise their homes and their thoughts so that they stop getting exasperated at not being able to do anything because of their children (like i was).
  15. Write… something that might be useful to someone and in the process improve my writing skills.
  16. I have a whole other spiritual to do list to improve my relationship with Allah.

For now that’s about it. I’m sure I’ll have more things to add later. My aim was never to have a public diary, which is what I consider blogging to be. Maybe just maybe, someone out there who’s just woken up from the daze of having 3 kids in 4 years, (and possibly battled alien eczema, and an annoying back), or something similar, might read this and think hey, I can try making a to do list too.

So next up, what action items this to do list entails.

Someone somewhere, whoever you are, thanks for reading, I’d appreciate feedback, and if you’d like to join me on my journey towards doing something let me know, I’m sure we could use each others company.

JazakAllahu khair (May Allah reward you with good).


3 thoughts on “Time to wake up and do Something

  1. Hello,
    What you are doing IS worthwhile. God certainly knows this.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your musings and your documentation of Z’s recovery from TSW. I am doing a study on TSW in children and was wondering what made you decide to stop using topical steroids? Did you have any support from any doctors? Where do you live? We are in the US.
    Glad to read she is doing so well after 21 months. I hope my son (18.5 months TSW) will have healthier, itch-free skin, too by that time.
    Blessings to you and you family!


    1. Hi Rosemarie,
      We live in United Arab Emirates. I decided to stop using steroids on Zainab because I noticed that she just couldn’t seem to manage without them. The gap in which she didn’t have to use them had been growing smaller and smaller. At that point I did a Google search on steroid dependency and found ITSAN and the Scratchy Monster children’s book. I had stopped steroids a day or two before that because I had a gut feeling I had to stop, I just needed some evidence to keep me going. And I found it and after two years, Zainab is great. She only flares up if she has dairy or some processed foods.
      Hope the journey has taken a turn for the better for you now. It’s a very difficult process, I really hope and pray your son gets better soon!


  2. I love this post! I think in one way or the other most mothers feel the same way. I can for sure speak for my self and a couple of other friends…you too the words right out of our mouths. Looking forward to another inspirational post! IA


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