Battling Steroid Induced Eczema

21 months steroid free

For those that might be wondering how Zainab is doing, she’s great Alhamdulillah! She’s still off dairy but can tolerate a bit here and there, it causes some eczema but it goes away once she stops the dairy. Peanuts are off limits. Otherwise I feel that it’s safe to say that the nightmare is truly over! We’re both living a normal life. The screaming and crying is over at both ends, me and her. I hope she doesn’t remember anything, and I pretend to have amnesia. TSW was worth the effort, every last bit!



5 thoughts on “21 months steroid free

  1. SalaamoAlaikum, I have been meaning to email you this post. Another blogger i know recently blogged about some soap because she needed it for her daughter who has eczema as well. I will email it right now.


  2. I’m soooo happy to see Zainab and you, dear mama, doing so much better! Congratulations. Our kids started at the same place… My son is still struggling some, but we feel the freedom most days that you describe. Many hugs!


  3. Hello there,
    I am doing a follow up to a paper I wrote last year on 26 blogs about TSW in children, on which I will be doing a poster presentation next week at Northeastern University in Boston.
    I didn’t see a current update on your blog, so would you please provide the following information:
    1) What month TSW is Zainab?
    2) Are there still TSW signs/symptoms or just eczema or both?
    3) If you feel TSW is “over,” at what month was it over? (at 21 months? like you stated in this post?)
    4) How are you managing current eczema, TSW, other skin issues?

    I sincerely hope Zainab is still TSW- free, thriving, well. The information you and other mommas provide will help one day help prevent TSA/TSW from happening in kids like ours!

    Thank you, and God bless!
    Rosemarie Curley


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