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Time to wake up and do something – Part 2

So I came back here and re-read all the “stuff” I wrote. I know there are more things I’d like to add to my to do list. I know I really should take each item and break into actionable tasks. I know my kids are asleep and this is a really good time.


What do I really want to do?


Just nothing.

I want to sit and revel in nothingness.

In my pyjamas.

I want to pointlessly stalk my friends on facebook and see whats going on their lives and maybe just leave someone a message or like or share or read something funny.

I want to check all the folders in my inbox and hope that I’ll find a personal letter somewhere in there from some good friend. I really don’t think thats ever happening. The email days are gone. (Big hopeless sigh)

You tube. My all time favourite resource for entertainment. I go there, contemplate watching some old sitcom that will make me laugh. While I tap the keyboard trying to think of something that will cheer me up I realise the futility of this thought process and search for a documentary on a random subject or something else thats slightly useful. On other occasions I succumb to my wasteful temptations and then drown myself in remorse later.

Today, I decided I would be productive. I’ve had an epiphany looming above my head.

I’ll take no. 14 on my list and work on it insha Allah (God willing).

Help new moms organise their homes and their thoughts so that they stop getting exasperated at not being able to do anything because of their children (like i was).

Actionable Steps

  1. Start a facebook page with little tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the past 7 years of being married and being the head (and only member) of home management in my organisation(home).
  2. Share with all my friends and let them pass it on and maybe someone will find it useful.
  3. Someday Maybe: Create a website, get certified and become a professional organiser.

Now I will analyse my thought process. Because I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if I had done that first.

Figuring out how to do the things I want to do is probably a question answer game we all play and then usually forget, but since I’m no longer sulking over baby bottles and diaper changes and the mess that gathers in my home, and I have lovingly embraced it all, my mind is free. (Note: I still have baby bottles and diaper changes.)

So the questions I ask myself are somewhat in this order.

  1. What is the smallest step I can take to do this?
  2. How much time will I need to take that step?
  3. If its more than 15-30 minutes, whats a  smaller step?
  4. Can I do it for free?
  5. If I can’t is it affordable? If its not affordable find an affordable way to do it. There are so many free and inexpensive resources available today.
  6. When can I do this task?
  7. Can I fit it in my schedule somewhere?

At this point I would write the task down and forget about it but I recently decided to listen to my husband and be all GTD (Getting things done), in a hight tech way because I’m never going to make a daily planner.

But that’s a post for another time.

So I write things down in my high tech daily planner, Things.

And then one day in a spurt of productive madness, I’ll check my list and things happen.

Important Note: To all the new moms out there, please remember these things about.

  1. Don’t compare.
  2. All my kids are above above 2.5.
  3. And I do everything in short 15-20 min. bursts of time, after very long intervals.
  4. Please don’t put yourself down after reading this. I know I used to. Please give yourself a break. And if you really feel overwhelmed, allow yourself to revel in nothingness, make a list and keep it somewhere safe, trust me, it will come out someday insha Allah.

For now, I hope this helps, I have to go, my kids have been up for a while and I’ve been coming back to an open laptop whenever they’re too busy to bother.


One thought on “Time to wake up and do something – Part 2

  1. I feel so much better after reading this. For the past couple days I havn’t been able to focus on my things or even myself. So yesterday I just gave my self a break. No cleaning, Had left overs for dinner, and finally got around to doing something for myself. Now I know, im not the only one. guilt level just went down a whole lot.

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