Action Taken!


So Alhamdulillah I did it!

I feel a little silly.

I made a facebook page about organising. Its not the best looking thing but its a start.

For those of you with small kids, even the ones going through topical steroid withdrawal, this might help you. I’ve had 3 kids very close together and have only 5 days a week at home. (We travel to take care of elderly parents on the weekends, and yes even during tsw.)

My daughter had terrible eczema (topical steroid withdrawal) for a year. And this year I’m homeschooling my kids full time.

The tips I plan to share on this page have been what kept me going. I used to be super picky and super neat, killing myself in pregnancies to keep things right. After baby no. 3 I let it go. After TSW I became a zombie.

Somehow I’ve fought through all of it with the help of Allah.

I’ve always thought there has to be a way. A bare minimum that I can manage. And honestly there is. We only end up making our own lives more complicated accumulating things we don’t really need, doing things that aren’t really important.

So if you have the time, or need the time, come and take a look and I hope you’ll come away with something useful to you.

Here’s Easy Organising in the hope of helping you all.


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