Making life happen · poetry

A New Cloak


I want to break
free from the grip
of my mind;
the voice that speaks
of suffering,
of loss,
of opportunities
that were never there,
the guidance that
did not fall my way,
of people that
did not care.
Tear away the blindness
that I grope around in,
Grabbing at
strings that
dance in the air,
of hope,
of knowing,
of trying,
not crying.
Gritting and grinding,
I tear out my hair.
Run past the
of orphaned dreams,
orphaned for
love and
for fear
of losing,
of fibres unwinding,
families unbinding,
I’m only as strong
as the strength
of my prayer.
Stand up,
own it all,
the choices I made
its time to stop blaming,
set myself free.
The shackles are
there but I have the key,
to change
to grow
think, find a way
commit, believe
and sew for myself
a cloak I can wear.

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