Making life happen

Consistently inconsistent 

That’s me. I’ll have an amazing idea, or at least I’ll think so. I’ll do something about it, make a note, tell my husband, blame someone for making it difficult to implement and then I’ll put it away on a shelf. I get back to the ideas from time to time at random spurts of spontaneity.  

This blog is one of those ideas. I could write  a book in my head while washing the dishes, but it never gets down on paper. I have a stack of papers full of poetry I’ve written over the years. There are three chapters of an adventure story I started writing when I was 12. Turning the pages I realize that’s what I’ve always done. I’ve always started things, sometimes big things and then let go because I never saw them going anywhere.

I’ve finally decided to change that. I’ve decided to work on my ideas one step at a time. “Big things always start small”, I tell my husband all the time. I just have to keep taking those steps. Maybe some day all the drops will make a river.


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