Washing the dishes

I think I get my best ideas while washing dishes. I had all this great stuff to write, except now after playing sergeant mom to get my kids in bed, all I can remember is that I really want to sit down and do something completely useless. 

I’ve heard that some people play Angry birds or Candy crush. Others, like my husband, search for used sports cars that they want to buy. If you’re like me you probably surf through pages of some social media site trying to catch up on the mundane goings on in the lives of distant friends and family, wondering why your living room doesn’t look like this or that or why you never thought of that awesome makeover for your desk.

Life is so picture perfect online, it’s actually depressing. I’m not sure I want to take pictures of my children’s scribbles on the wall and then edit them to make it look like I’m raising mini Picassos.

I do want to do something. I’m not really sure what that something is. Maybe after I’m done numbing my mind from the constant chaos that reigns my home, I actually will.


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