Igniting the Passion

What does it take to bring out the writer in me?

Or anyone else.

When I’m frustrated or unusually bothered by something it lights up a fire. I feel motivated to look for solutions and solve problems. Those problems could be in my life or someone else dear to me.

Two days ago, I felt lost and annoyed with myself for not working on things that I want, so I wrote.

When I got my drivers license, I felt that I was about to explode with years of pent up energy.

When I couldn’t find literature for my children on topics that I wanted, I wrote them myself.

I wonder what gets others going? I’d love to read about it.

I just need a trigger to set things in motion. Today I did not want to write, didn’t feel like I had much to offer. The caffeine from my morning cup of tea hasn’t kicked in and after a slightly rough night with the baby my brain is clouded in fog.

I want to commit though. I want to push myself to do this. I need to put my fire in a jar somewhere, so I can access it whenever I want to. Yesterday, while running errands I had all these ideas going round in my head. Right now, I’m struggling to remember what they were. I sometimes feel like one of those headless chickens running around and bumping into walls.

It doesn’t matter if anyone reads my posts, it doesn’t matter if my voice is drowned by the many other voices out there.

To learn to speak louder I have to first bother to speak at all.


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