Left behind

So I joined twitter a few days ago. Why? It seemed like the right thing to do.

As different electronic communications networks have appeared since the late nineties, most people around me were quick to pick up and move with the flow. Social media is mostly second nature to all of us. Despite that some of my generation are slower than others to conform to the new trends. Like me, I don’t really get Twitter, or Instagram or Snapchat. My husbands 14 year old niece, M absolutely does. Her evaluation of homeschooled kids her age went something like this:

“Well, they’re different from me and my school friends. They don’t have much online presence.”

That summed it up for her. So what if they don’t? Does that really define what kind of person you are?

I’ve seen quite a few elderly men and women struggle to use their email and Facebook. There are many at that age that have no issues with it, but some do.

I don’t want to be left behind. I want to be able to understand my children and the world they will live in.

I thought Facebook and Gmail were enough but apparently not. I don’t really get selfies, and I don’t understand why anyone would take pictures of random moments of their lives and share them with the world, but hey, now I’m on Twitter and Instagram, maybe I’ll join snapchat too! What else is going on out there? Let me know!

Next time M comes around, she’s going to find her already super cool aunt (she actually thinks I’m cool) getting much cooler insha Allah (God Willing)!



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