Making life happen · Motherhood

The small steps

My kids scream and shout, a lot.

My Dad once told me my kids were really noisy. My Father in law thinks my kids fight a lot. My husband and I look back with a knowing glint in the eye and just smile. We know we were very noisy and fought with our brothers and sisters all the time!

Parental amnesia, thats when you remember all the good stuff and just that.

I’d like to have a bit of that someday.

But today its all real and the madness can be all encompassing.

So we’re taking it one day at a time.

I have a daily rhythm that has evolved over the years, its kept me sane.We have a list of bare minimum housework that needs to happen every day to keep this ship sailing.

Now with homeschooling we’ve figured out that bare minimum too. I write down work with a pencil on lined paper and my kids do it voluntarily. There’s 30 minutes of computer game time as a reward for doing your work cheerfully.

Its a bit old fashioned, but it works. In 2 months since the new baby the kids have made surprising progress.

For anyone who might wonder at how it all sounds perfect, I have my ups and downs like any mother.

What matters is that you keep trying to find a way that works for you and keep moving forward, however small your steps might be.



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