Lets take a day off!

I think I compared parenting to running through a field of thorns in my last post.

I didn’t mean to compare parenting to that. I was only talking about the difficulty. Because our lovely little children aren’t thorns. Childcare can feel difficult and taxing, both mentally and physically. I doubt there was ever a time when women did not find it difficult.

If all I had to do was to play with my children without cleaning or cooking and clearing up their messes, I think I’d actually enjoy it. Its just when all the other stuff gets in the way that parenting becomes difficult. Sometimes those other things are goals that we have for ourselves. The simple art of getting things done with even one child in tow can be a pain.

My husband likes to wrestle and tumble with the kids. He acts like a little boy having a blast. No worries. I think I need to  follow his example. Live in that moment.

So hey moms, lets take a day off. Forget about doing anything. Let it slide, and spend the day snuggling and laughing. Be a kid again! That’s when parenting is fun.


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