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Imperfection can be beautiful

There was a time a few years ago, when I would tip toe around the house after my husband left for work, I imagined it was to keep the dragons from waking up.

Those dragons were my children. Somewhere along the road I gave up hope of having breakfast alone  in front of my laptop screen. I stopped feeling like my heart had broken each time one of my children walked into the room.

It became a part of my life. Eventually I figured how to enjoy my breakfast with the laptop while my kids played around me. At other times I would be consumed with guilt at not having breakfast with them. You know, a family time sort of thing.

I found a balance in letting go. I hoped someday I would get that time back. That “me time.”

When my third turned 3, I finally did. I would tell my kids, “Mama needs some ‘alone time’, so she can be a better Mama.”

It worked. They would have their own story time and I would enjoy my time alone.

After having my fourth, my kids routine went out the window. They started sleeping at 10 and waking at 9. It worked for me. I got time to sleep in after a bad night and after a good night when the baby woke up at 7:00 am, I would put her down for a nap or let her play quietly in bed.

And so I got my quiet mornings.

You do get them back. All that stuff about mom’s being doomed for life isn’t true. All that stuff about never getting your sleep back isn’t true either. Life doesn’t have to be picture perfect. If you set up a comfortable, functional yet easy standard for yourself, things can be good.

The house isn’t spotless, and I don’t make the best meals, but I’m happy. My kids don’t wear perfect outfits and have immaculate rooms. But I get time for me and time for them and we eat and drink healthy and the house is organised enough to function smoothly, even though the laundry tends to pile up. My kids fight, but play for hours at a time as well!

I feel like I have it all alhamdulillah.

Imperfection can be beautiful too.


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