Mama, I miss you.

I met my mom and my younger brother after 5 years.

Sounds strange in this era of over communication and easy plane rides, but we simply couldn’t meet because of visa issues.

She was here for three weeks. Three weeks that rushed past. The last time I was with my brother he was as tall as me. Now he towers over me. I watched him rock my little girl, just the way I rocked him. I was 14 when he was born.

I’ve spent  my mornings talking to my mom and eating breakfast that she cooked and watched her make whatever my kids requested every morning.

I can think of so many things to write. But its pointless. She’s gone halfway across the globe and I’m not sure when I’ll see her again.

Its a special relationship, this mother-daughter thing. Especially when you have your own children and you finally realise what your mother felt physically and emotionally.

As I hold my baby in my arms, I miss my mom so much.

Mama, this used to be me and you…


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