Cereal Wars

My kids love cereal, even plain old cornflakes. I do too, but I don’t consider breakfast out of a box, loaded with preservatives and all sorts of other things, the best option.

My kids however, want cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So we’ve argued, we’ve planned meals and tried all sorts of things. Despite that, whenever my kids get to eat cereal they behave like little savages and fight over who gets how much and spill milk and turn breakfast into a nightmare! I don’t like messes! Especially ones that involve sweet sticky milk and cheerios over the random things in the kitchen.

I try to remember to stay calm. After all, I’ve potty trained three children. There are things far worse than milk spills, if you know what I mean.

I love a bowl of crisp crunchy cheerios and cold milk after putting the kids to bed. Thats when I feel sorry. What am I doing? I’m trying so hard to cross things off my supermom checklist, I’m not letting the kids have a good time.

I can’t hold the reins so tight. I know I have to keep loosening them as they grow older. I wonder at which point do we cross over from concerned mom to controlling mom? I’ve got to keep that in check. Its a cultural tendency where I come from.

But I’m so scared. Scared of having teenagers immersed in smart phone worlds. Teenagers with loud rebellious voices and heads full of experiments. Oh Allah please help me and keep things mild! Ameen!

I talk to the kids about making healthy choices and eat healthy myself. If they want Fitness and Cheerios for breakfast, why am I stopping them?  I’ve raised the white flag and bought some peace. Cereal for breakfast it is, hopefully someday they’ll ask me for the eggs and fruit themselves.


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