Sort of alone

I’m out! Finally!

Its been a plan in the making. Me, in a coffee shop, alone… writing.

So it happened. Sort of, I guess. My baby is in her stroller with me and I’m writing in between rocking her. A few years ago one child would have been too much. Today, I’m consoling myself… its just one. I only have to rock, not talk, or chase or shout. I love my kids, I love homeschooling but I’ve wanted this so badly.

Even before the kids, I wanted it. It couldn’t happen. For many complex reasons, that I cannot think of right now, it simply wasn’t possible. Maybe I didn’t know what I wanted in life or maybe I wasn’t headed in the right direction.

Twists and turns can have a way of bringing us some place special. I wouldn’t give up the challenges I faced in the past for anything.

Because I love where I am today.

In a coffee shop, writing, sort of alone.

And now the baby cries…


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