Grumpy morning

No, it wasn’t my kids. I was grumpy, grouchy, angry mommy today.

It wasn’t them either. It was the cleaners. I booked them for Sunday morning, so I could start my week in a clean house. 

They didn’t come, there was a mistake again!

So full of anger and resentment towards far too many people I reminded my kids to their chores, kindly.

Then left my crying baby on the bed, hoping that she might cry herself to sleep. 

Then I set about cleaning up my house feeling furious and full of adrenaline.

My baby fell asleep after 30 minutes of crying, and is still asleep. My kids had their snacks and even made chocolate milk and cleaned up after themselves. My 7 year old brought his books for morning (delayed to afternoon) Quran lesson and put them on the table.

“Why are you being so nice sweetheart, can you tell I’m upset?”

“Yeah, I want you to calm down.” And he gave me a hug.

I wanted to cry. 

I hadn’t yelled or actually done anything to show them I was angry, he noticed it anyway. 

And then they set up the bookstore for story time. I’m writing this while they buy their books.

I guess we’re doing ok.

There’s always a lesson to learn. My baby must be ready to fall asleep on her own and I needed to see the creativity of my older ones. 

We’re just going to read today and really enjoy it.

Insha Allah…


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