Writing… at Fun Works

There’s this children’s play area/ amusement place (too sleepy to remember) called  Fun works in the mall near our house. I was supposed to send all the kids into the soft play area. Turns out it was more expensive than I thought it would be.

So I sat on the seat of some arcade game with the laptop in my lap, eying my 2nd daughter as she ran around trying to swipe her little money card in all the slots, hoping some game would work.

I also chased after her, pushing the stroller with one arm and open laptop in the other.

So much for sending the kids somewhere so I could write in peace.

Not to mention the complicated work involved in getting a children’s picture book published. I felt a bit doomed.

But perseverance is key, moms!

Sometimes staying up late just to get whatever precious task you have on your mind, done, is just the thing!

There is no other remedy.



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