Poem: Man

Its fun dusting off the pages and smiling at the poems I wrote so many years ago. I may not entirely be able to relate to the sadness in them. I wasn’t trying to be sad because it was romantic or what I thought a poet ought to be, I was genuinely struggling.

Now that alhamdulillah, I have moved beyond all that, I would appreciate criticism. I think I’ve learnt to stop treating my writing as a precious child. If I don’t find out what’s missing I’ll never improve.


Decades of centuries
Have now come and gone
Man is still searching
Discontented, all alone
Love is still lost;
A treasure never to be found
Tears have always trickled
But now each pain has built a mound
The vast sky still sparkles blue
And blood still stains red
A golden sun yet shines bright
But now hearts are pierced by burning lead
Intoxication is man’s sorry plight
In this sea of mediocrity
Drunk in the wine of greed
Living a life of futility
Yet, true love is his only need


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