Making life happen

Where do I belong?

Settling down is a big topic for us, me and my husband. We want to have a house somewhere, a place we can go back to when we don’t want to travel anymore. I place to call home in a land that feels like home.

We’re just not sure where that is.

So here’s the dilemma, I speak English like a North American, grew up reading old English classics, went to school in the Middle East, have parents of East Asian origin, I can pass for an Arab with my arabic accent (I can only speak a little but some how picked the accent!), believe in a faith followed by millions and my kids think the UAE is their home! The people I get along with best are usually rolling stones like myself. My husband is pretty much in the same boat.

Its hard to really feel at home anywhere, not to mention feeling at home with people. I don’t get nationalism, I don’t understand why nations fight and people stand in pride in front of their flag. I can’t ascribe to a group of people and I don’t aspire to represent any country.

Partly, its because I’ve lost faith in the ability of any one nation to stand for humanity and also because I can’t travel to the places I grew up in without a visa. I need a global passport. I’m a citizen of planet earth!

Imagine if what you thought was your home, puts you on the door mat and suddenly reveals it doesn’t belong to you. Thats whats its like, growing as a third culture child.

I loved it when I came across blogs and articles about third culture kids. I am so relieved that my husband is one too.

The downside is, we have no sense of belonging. On some level I think I’ve embraced it. I love being a global nomad. I want to travel more, live in countries all over the world. Yet, my husband wants a home. I wish I could find one for him. I just wish I knew where to look.

If only I could share this feeling with others, I’d see it as something worthwhile. The world needs it so badly. This love that crosses national boundaries…




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