Keeping it together with 2 under 2.

This blog wasn’t supposed to be all about me. It was supposed to be useful to someone out there. Specifically stay at home moms and anyone trying to sort out life in general.

I guess we all feel lost some times.

But it really is easy to lose yourself in dirty diapers and dirty dishes. Especially when those diapers come in two sizes.

Know what I mean?

Yep, when bundle of joy number 2 comes waltzing along just because…

When people say, “What were you thinking?”, you may or may not have an answer.

I used to wonder how people survived that phase without losing their heads.

Here’s the answer now that I’m on the other side.

You do survive. Without losing your head? It does eventually start functioning again. Wether you stay at home or work, the juggling act does get easier…eventually.

I’m not entirely sure if its because you get better at juggling or because it just gets easier.

Mind you, there’s a trap there. When juggling gets easier some people have a tendency to add another ball for themselves.

How do you survive?

Maybe I got really lucky or maybe I have an idea or two.

Here are some.

  1. It’s ok for your baby to cry sometimes. Put your baby in a safe place. Close the door, find a quiet corner and breathe! If my mom hadn’t told me this one I may have never done it. One of my brothers was extremely colicky and cried non stop for hours on end. Even a mother can get extremely frustrated. So the doctor told her to let the baby cry and walk outside the house for a break. I’m not sure if that was research she knew of or if it was a physician she knew in person, but she did it and it helped.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your mom, sister, brother, friend, anyone who is able to hold those babies (1 or more) for a while, so you can just walk around hands free for a few minutes.
  3. Let them play on their own! Ignoring them a little bit won’t hurt them. Even if they follow you around. Pat ’em on the head, smile and keep on going. I cannot emphasise enough on this. People have always asked me how my kids “just play”. Sometimes I feel terribly guilty, it was a bit accidental, I always wanted to just keep doing what I had to and not let the kids prevent me from doing it, cooking cleaning, surfing the internet, studying, I used to have so much time! (It didn’t feel like much back then.) Funny thing, they don’t remember any of it!
  4. Naps! Not for you, for them. If you have two, close in age,  the best thing you can do for yourself is get them to nap at the same time. Its possible, maybe not in the first few months, but by 6 months.
  5. Toddlers love helping, sometimes! Use that! Let them help with chores. Sing along put away toys etc.
  6. Most of all, knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, can help you along. I don’t remember anyone telling me there was. But I’m telling you now that it gets better.

I do live from one dose of caffeine to the next. I have 2 cups a day. But it keeps me going, I can be more patient. I’ve got some more stuff, but I its time to go. This post has gotten much too long already.


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