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I hope my teens will talk to me

I don’t know many teenagers any more. They all grew up!

It’s going to be a while until I do.

I just hope the teens we will have in our home will feel comfortable enough to share their feelings with their parents. I hope they won’t feel sad and lonely. I hope they won’t have anything to hide. I hope our home is always full of sunshine. There is always something to learn from the shadows of course, but still…

I lose my temper with my kids, but I really do try to stop and listen, to establish that I will understand. The only strength I have is in my dua (prayer). And even if I’m not there, I want them to know Allah always will. He was always there for me, and indeed He was and still is my lifeline.

حسبي اللہ ونعم الوکيل

Allah is Sufficient for Me, and He is the Best Trustee


But I still hope they never have to feel so lost, like this…

Me at 16

So many nights have passed,

since I lay hand on my pen.

So many thoughts have come and gone,

since then.


That night when I lay weeping in my bed, 

the future seemed so grim,

so barren and so desolate,

full of sorrow to the brim.


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