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Top 10 Things Duas Can Do For You

How Does A Heart Find Contentment?

Top 10 things that Duas can do for you:

By you simply asking Allah through sincere dua, you can:

  1. Get what you want! Why not?! As long as it’s something that pleases Allah. Go ahead, ask for what’s beyond your reach, because it’s well within Allah’s reach. Me? I want a Macbook..white…I want the Quran to be my friend forever…
  2. Change your fate and divine decree. The Prophet of Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said that the only thing that can change divine decree is dua. Omar, may Allah be please with him, used to say, oh Allah, if you have decreed poverty for, replace it with prosperity (quote paraphrased)
  3. Instead of what you asked for, it gets saved for you as a good deed on the Day of Judgement. Because Allah, in His Knowledge of the Unseen, knows that you’re not capable of…

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