Making life happen · Motherhood · poetry


I have so much to say but I cannot…

I’m not sure if I should.

I feel that silence is the best thing just now.

I don’t feel like I need to reconcile with my life.

My trials are trivial, my life is trivial, in the grand scheme of things.

So please pray with me, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever faith you have, let’s pray.

Lets pray for our childhood and the children we once were. Let’s pray for our children and the lives they live. Let’s pray for love, the love we have, the love we did not receive and the love we ought to give.

Does it make any sense?

Maybe not.

Let’s pray for the mothers around the world, that they might hold their children, these gifts of God, in peace. Let’s pray for the innocent sweet souls that are now in a far better place.

Let us pray that we are all guided towards a better world… and we all strive for a better world.

There is love that needs to be shared. Pray our hearts soften and our words and hands hold back from ever causing pain.

Softer hearts, thats what we need. To feel another’s pain, to resonate their joy.


I’m not sure what I might achieve with this, but if your heart melts for one moment, please share a smile, swallow your anger and and don’t go back into the cold.


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