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If I could rewrite my education

I’ve thought over things I want to write about so many times, but figuring out a regular time to write and a way to remember the ideas I had just hasn’t happened yet. So for now I’ll just go with the flow.

There are so many things I can write about. So many different internal struggles that women face every day. Deep rooted emotional responses that quietly dictate our lives. Despite that, they all feel a bit ridiculous in the grand scheme of things. With people dying all around us, intolerance and injustice that exists in every nation on earth, a planet that is over used and uninvested. So many issues.

But if you think deep enough, far enough, you do realise that everything starts right here, in our homes. The place where our children play. The love they receive and the empathy they learn. Tolerance begins at home. Of course there are countless examples of people that are raised to be anything but kind and understanding, yet they turn out into great symbols of humanity.

But still…

Dishonesty, selfishness, greed, slander, disrespect, arrogance and more, aren’t they all learnt by example. We try so hard to teach our children to be the best possible working machines. Somewhere in that hassle, the more worthwhile goals have become the least important.

If I could rewrite my education, I would ask to be taught about life. How to deal with pain, criticism and responsibility.How to share joys and sorrows. How to care for others despite differences. How to control anger, to be patient, how to communicate with different age groups ethnicities, cultures. Empathy. How badly do we need empathy!

There are so many elaborate lessons on everything, just not these things.

Maybe if we retrace our steps… we can unlearn and start afresh. There’s a lot of work to do.


3 thoughts on “If I could rewrite my education

  1. I think manners is very important but schools don’t really teach this. The least I could do is to try to teach my prekinders to say please and thank you instead of “gimme, gimme” or “I wanna”. MashaAllah some of them have developed the habit of saying please and thank you and it’s so sweet to see them do so without bing prompted.

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