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It was a lot of fun blogging early in the morning while my children slept. I enjoyed the silence and felt like I was getting somewhere. 

Rest can be a priority. Does that make sense? I need to give to myself before I can give to anyone else. If I haven’t slept enough, the broken night sleep, the chronic back aches, the whining children, everything starts getting to you. 

A lot of the best things that we do are usually spontaneous. So I tried making a priority jar with my children. On one of those “I just can’t take it anymore mornings”. We made a list of all the most essential things in life, family fun, prayers, healthy eating etc and put a large  piece of clay in a jar for each one. Then we made a list of less important stuff and used smaller marbles to represent them. We filled up the jar with those. Then we listed stuff that was even less important and filled the remaining space in the jar with lentils. I hope my kids understood. I explained to them that from now on we’d reschedule and focus on the most important things and fill up the spaces with others if we could.

Sometimes the unecessary stuff takes up far too much space in our lives and we never really feel fulfilled because the weight of the rocks isn’t there to hold us down. For now, we’re going to focus on those rocks. 


One thought on “Priorities

  1. Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu ; SubhanAllah ! May Allah SubhanTaala’s Noor and His Angels be around u Ya Bint ; and each one of your family members ; and your generations to come ; where ever you go and your family ; May your life be full of love and Peace ; and togetherness with your family ; and you spread this Love around the world along with your family ; Aameen ; “Yaaseen Wal Quran il Hakeem” ; May He Give you and your family Quran and Sunnah ; May He increase your Hikmah ,your Patience and Perseverance ; May you be The Best of mankind and your family ; and Allah SWT Be Proud of you and your family and generations to come ; Aameen; Allah SWT Loves Shakireen ,Muhsineen ,Sabireen ; May you all be These and the most beloved to Allah SWT and be with RasulAllah asws in JannatulFirdaus ,along with your family ,your parents ,their families and all those you love ; Aameen

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