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Time To Be Strong

Oh Allah, you finally gave me wings,

please let me fly.


As an asian girl I was taught that submissiveness is an admirable quality. Serving others takes you to Jannah and that strong people are only hurtful and insensitive. I grew up thinking that I should be weak. Any sign of strength that I showed had to be stomped out.

I think Allah wants me to learn something right now. If I continue to live with the attitude I have, I know I will not live well. It will affect all those around me.

Weakness is not a strength. Allah loves the strong believer. And a strong believer isn’t one that knocks everyone else down physically and emotionally.

Don’t be a martyr, there is no hidden blessing in being one. It will only leech out your energy and faith and longing for nothing but death, because if you cannot stand up for yourself, there is no place to hide.




One thought on “Time To Be Strong

  1. Awesome reflection during this phase of re-adjustment in life. This quality of pondering definitely takes one’s mind and soul to a higher level of understanding the dynamics of life. Life isn’t meant to be stagnant. Such times re-align our attitude and mindset as well. Omar said, I don’t take advantage of people and I don’t let people advantage of me. May Allah be pleased with him. From historical lessons we also learn that when the three men were caught in the cave, ie crisis, they turned to Allah and used their sincere deeds to ask Allah to get them out of the mess. interestingly, their deeds were all to do with interactions, behaviors, dealings with others. Such is the heavy emphasis that Allah places on dealing with others. Hence, the past good deeds that you’ve done for Allah’s sake, where you have been ‘a submissive Asian girl’ towards others, you can use those time and again to get Allah’s help. “Is the reward of good anything but good?”, in Surah Al Rahman. 😀👍 This has been an eye opener for me too

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