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5 Tips to Getting Things Done for Forgetful People

If there ever were a forgetter…

That’s me. 

I forget everything.

It’s only getting worse with time, and I’m not even that old!

When I met my husband the first time I couldn’t remember my name.

Now I can’t remember my children’s names, I mix them up all the time.

I used to walk over to one room or the other to get something and then I’d forget why I was even there.

Now I forget before I get to the room. 

Thoughts come and unless I catch them on a piece of paper or a gizmo immediately, they’re  lost forever in the black hole I call my mommy brain.

Maybe I should blame it on my children and maybe the vitamin D, E, F or G that I really need but forget to take.

Or maybe… it’s who I am and I ought to accept it and learn to work around it.

I have this lovely blog that I have always wanted to take to the next level. It keeps getting dusty on the shelf. 

But like I said, I forget.

I forget that I can blog from my smart phone and that sometime during the 15 – 20 minutes I stare blankly into facebook before bedtime, like the Mombie I am, I can write something, that might possibly be useful.

So here are 5 Tips to Getting Things Done for Forgetful People!

  1. Write ideas down the moment you think of them. 
  2. Don’t hesitate, just do things.
  3. Break tasks down into small but regular steps, the big stuff will eventually happen.
  4. Put your ideas where you know you’ll see them again. 
  5. Make a list of things you want to do and when you have spare time try to pull out that list, you’ll find a way to do those things in tiny chunks. 

I had more ideas, but I wasn’t writing fast enough, and now they’re gone! So until next time, Insha Allah.


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